Leave a message for the photoSync team using the contact form below. We welcome any questions, ideas and suggestions.

If you need customer support, please describe your issue and include your Flickr screen name. Our support staff will get in contact with you to resolve your issue.

Also, please search our forum for help. We're going to try and keep it up-to-date with the latest information.

If you purchased photoSync and did not receive your registration code, please do the following before contacting us:
  1. Check the email account linked to your paypal account as it was automatically sent to that email address
  2. Check the spam/junk folder of this email account (because it is an automated email it is sometimes filtered as spam/junk mail)
  3. Wait a couple hours then perform steps 1 and 2 again. If you still haven't received it contact us. Time that we spend responding to these requests takes away from development time so please be sure that you did not receive it:P

2-18-14 Sorry we're still back logged in replying to people. We're offering minimal support until we release 1.2.14 in early March which will support nested subfolders. We felt it was better use of our time to get 1.2.14 out as fast as possible since we're so close to obsoleting 1.2.13.