General Questions (10)

1. Make sure that you're using your Flickr Screen name and not your Flickr username. Your screen name appears at the top right when signed into Flickr(ie "Signed in as photo.sync"). So photo.sync is my screen name.

2. Make sure that "Hide your profile from public searches" is set to "No". You can find this while logged into Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/account/privacy/ You can set it back to "Yes" once the upgrade is complete. The upgrade webpage needs to look up your Flickr NSID from your screen name but if your profile is not searchable it can not.

No. Unfortunately, at this time network locations are not supported. For my information about changing the location of the sync folder, please see our help pages

You can delete them from your local folder which will result in them being removed from the corresponding set. Delete them from not_in_a_set using the photoSync user interface and they will be removed from Flickr and should appear in your local recycle bin. We've designed photoSync to be cautious with local deletes since this was a concern for many users.

The "photoSync" folder is a container that holds your synced Flickr folder and the Recycle bin folder. It is automatically created by photoSync and should not be modified. When you sign into Flickr via the photoSync app the "Flickr" folder is created and all your Flickr content is downloaded into this folder. If you already have a Flickr folder this is moved to "Flickr(1)", "Flickr(2)...etc so that nothing is deleted accidentally.

The "Recycle bin" folder is automatically created and holds any photos that have been deleted. Do not modify this folder. The "Recycle bin" can be emptied from the photoSync user interface.

The "not_in_a_set" folder is also automatically created and holds photos that do not belong in any sets. Again do not modify this folder. Your Flickr photos that do not exist any sets should appear in this folder. The limit is 500 photos. These photos can be managed via the photoSync user interface. Photos can be moved to other sets or deleted.

Please see the following help docs:

Note: Network drives are not supported as a location for the synced Flickr folder. Also, the synced folder is always in photoSync\Flickr which is created and maintained by photoSync

After you completed the purchase process, the registration code should be emailed to you immediately. This is an automated process so you should receive it fairly quickly. If you don't receive it with in an hour, check your junk/spam folder. It may have been filtered to junk/spam. If you still don't find it please send us a message on via the contact us page.

Just export photos using your favorite photo application into your synchronized Flickr folder. Photosync will upload your photos in the background.


Copy and paste a folder of photos into your synchronized Flickr folder.

No not at this time. However, we plan to develop a version for Macs in the future.

When photosync runs for the first it creates a folder named Flickr on your computer. All of your Flickr sets will be automatically downloaded to this folder.

Uploading to Flickr (3)

From your favorite photo management app, just export photos to any folder in your synchronized Flickr folder. The photos will automatically be uploaded to the corresponding Flickr set in the background.

You can also export photos to a new folder which will result in a new set being created on Flickr.

PhotoSync will upload all photo types supported by Flickr.
jpeg, tiff, png, gif

Simply copy photos to a folder in your synchronized Flickr folder. PhotoSync will automatically upload the photos to the corresponding set in the background. If you want to create a new set, just create a new folder in your synchronized Flickr folder and copy photos to that folder.

photoSync Version 1.1.0 (4)

Here are a couple of scenarios that illustrate safe synchronizing:

Scenario 1:
If you delete a photo on Flickr. The photo is moved to your local Recycle bin. You have to explicitly empty the Recycle bin to delete the photo locally.

Scenario 2:
If you delete a photo in a local folder this is treated as a remove from set on Flickr and locally. The photo is removed from the set and will be moved to Not in a Set unless it exist in other sets.

Scenario 3:
If you locally delete a photo that is Not in a Set, that photo is moved to the Reycle bin. The photo is only deleted from Flickr after you manually confirm the delete. Additionally, you have to explicitly empty the Recycle bin to delete that photo locally.

The recycle bin is a safe guard for accidentally deleted photos and videos. Content deleted from "Not in a set" are moved to the recycle bin. Content can be manually moved out of the "Recycle bin" or the bin can be emptied via the photoSync menu.

No. If you've purchased photoSync version 1.0.0 just install the new version. Your registration code will also work for photoSync version 1.1.0.

This folder is used by photoSync 1.1.0 to manage your photos/videos "Not in a Set". It is supposed be a hidden folder but if your windows is set to show hidden folders then you will see it. Do not delete this folder or its content.

Privacy (2)

Nobody can access your account without knowing your Flickr username and password.

No we will not share any of your information with any third parties.

Installation (2)

After photosync is installed you will need to restart your computer. When your computer reboots you should see the photosync icon in your task tray. If not you can start the application from start>photosync>photosync. Right click on the icon to authorize your flickr account.

Double click on the photosync icon in your task tray will bring up your flickr folder.

Syncing (6)

No, folders within folders do not sync. photoSync only syncs folders one level deep. All folders inside the synced Flickr folder will be synced. The folders also need to contain photos since Flickr sets can not exist without a contained photo. The reason we chose to implement it this way to keep it simple for the user. Also we felt that folders in folders was akin to supporting Flickr collections. Unfortunately the Flickr API does not allow us to modify Flickr collections at this current time...however when it does we plan to implement support for collections.

You could rename the folder or photo. photoSync will detect the change and upload the necessary photos.

New in photoSync version 1.2.4 (coming soon 3/212) and higher:
Audit button will make photoSync search your synced Flickr folder for files that need to be uploaded.

At this time no. There is a limitation on the Flickr API that does not allow us to create and edit collections on Flickr. Until photoSync is allowed to do this, collections can not be synced.

Currently photoSync 1.0.0 only synchronizes photos and videos contained in folders/sets. Place the photo in a folder within the synchronized Flickr folder. Also make sure that the folders are inside the photosync folder.

7/22/11 New in photoSync version 1.1.0
Photo that are Not in Sets will be synchronized down. These photos can be managed locally via the user interface by right clicking on the photoSync tray icon and selecting "Manage 'Not in a Set'" from the context menu. You will be able to delete, or move photos to sets.

  • Drag and drop a folder containing the photos you want uploaded into your synchronized Flickr folder. They should be upload automatically in the background after a short time.
  • Or drag and drop photos into folders in your synchronized Flickr folder.
  • From your favorite photo application(picasa, lightroom etc), export photos to a folder in your synchronized Flickr folder.

When you move a photo from one folder to another in your Flickr folder, photoSync will move the photo between the corresponding Flickr sets.

Photos and Video (1)

Jpeg, GIF and PNG. Uploaded Tiffs and other file types are automatically converted to JPG.

AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG(1,2,4), 3gp, M2TS, OGG, OGV

Sets (2)

Yes, just rename the folder as you normally would. photoSync will rename the corresponding Flickr set for you.

The set is removed from Flickr. Photos that do not exist in other Sets will be moved to "Not in a Set"

Purchasing (2)

When you purchase photosync it is linked to one Flickr account.

You can purchase the photosync app here

Backup (1)

After you install photoSync and run it for the first time, it will download all your Flickr sets to your computer. It will also download your photos not in sets(500 most recent).

Troubleshooting (5)

General Tips

  1. When you create a folder it needs to have a photo before the corresponding set is created on Flickr( Flickr sets need at least one photo)
  2. Since photoSync works in the background, it can take 5-10 minutes before a photo is uploaded
  3. Avoid copying large amounts of photos to the synced Flickr folder until you understand how photoSync works (start out with one folder with ~100 or less photos)
  4. Videos that are too large(>500MB for pro account) or too long(>90secs for pro account) will get rejected by Flickr. photoSync will attempt several uploads but will stop eventually.
  5. Remember, photoSync works by monitoring real-time file activity in the Synced Flickr Folder!

If you notice a couple of photos or videos that are not uploading you can try the "Audit" feature. It is explained here. If this does not work it's possible that the photo/video is invalid and is being rejected by Flickr(try uploading the photo/video using the Flickr uploadr).

Finally, if you believe uploading is not working at all, please follow the following steps and send us the log files.

  1. Create a folder in your Synced Flickr Folder called "photosync_test"
  2. Copy 2 photos to this folder
  3. Wait 10-15 minutes
  4. Check to see if the set "photosync_test" was created on Flickr and that the 2 photos were uploaded to the set
  5. If the photos were NOT uploaded then send us the log files (instructions here)
  6. Also, send us an email with your Flickr Screen name or NSID so that we can identify the logs.

Installing and Upgrading:
1. [Optional see note] Uninstall photoSync
2. Download photoSync from the download page
3. Double click on the setup.exe file to install photoSync
4. Follow the on screen instructions
5. Reboot computer
6. Sign into Flickr if necessary

Note: If you delete the photoSync database prior to installing/upgrading photoSync then you will be required to sign into flickr and photoSync will initially download all your Flickr content.

1. From the start menu select 'Control Panel'
2. Select Programs->Programs and Features
3. From the list of programs, double click 'photoSync' to uninstall
4. From the list of programs, double click 'photoSync v1.x.x' to uninstall
5. Delete photoSync database[Optional see note]:

In an explorer window, browse to your photoSync database. Delete the photoSync.db file.
- On windows xp, this is usually located at:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\photoSync.
- On windows 7, this is usually located at:

6. Reboot your computer

Note: If you delete the photoSync database prior to installing/upgrading photoSync then you will be required to sign into flickr and photoSync will initially download all your Flickr content.

You may have reached your photo limit in Flickr. If you have a free Flickr account it will only display your 200 most recent photos. Switching to a Pro account will remedy this issue.

If you are running Windows7, make sure that you set Photosync to "Show icons and notifications" in Control Panel>>All Control Panel Items>>Notification Area Icons.