Two Way Synchronizing

Photosync supports two way synchronization of your photos and sets. Make any changes to your Flickr photos - your computer will get the new changes. Put new photos on your computer, and Flickr will get the changes. And all this is automatic.

How easy is it to upload to Flickr? On your computer, simply copy the photo into a Windows folder. That's it! The photo is now on Flickr.


Seamless background operation with tasktray icon

On your computer, the task tray icon is a shortcut to the photoSync application. This icon sits in your notification area of your Windows taskbar for easy access. Left click on this icon will open your Flickr folder. Right clicking will give you access to the photosync context menu.

Besides being a shortcut the tasktray icon also displays status information. The appearance of the icon changes with the different states of the photosync application(online, offline, synchronizing). Also synchronizing actions such as photo upload or download are briefly displayed here.


Permission Control

Permissions for uploaded photos can be controlled at the set level. Each folder defaults to private but can be set to public, friends or family. Any photos that are added to a folder will be uploaded to Flickr with the permissions of that folder.


Backup your Flickr content

Replicate your Flickr content on your computer in several short steps. After the photosync application is installed and the user successfully logs in with their Flickr credentials, photosync creates a Flickr folder that represents your Flickr content. It then downloads all your Flickr sets to this location.


Multiple Computers

Photosync was designed to run on multiple computer simultaneously. Install Photosync on multiple computers to keep a copy of your Flickr content synchronized across multiple computers.


International Language Support

photoSync is compatible with different characters sets. Are your photos and folders labeled using non Latin characters? That's no problem. photoSync will work with different languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean characters.


Video Clip Support

No more waiting for videos to upload to Flickr. Just copy them into your synchronized Flickr folder and they'll upload in the background. Uploading video files has never been easier.