Quick Start

  1. photoSync in the Windows tray
  2. Signing into Flickr
  3. Uploading photos
  4. Photo properties

1.  photoSync in the Windows tray

Easy access to Flickr and your photos - just one click away at all times.

2.  Signing into Flickr

See here for instructions.

3.  Uploading photos

We recommend that you wait until the initial down sync is complete before uploading photos. Folders represents sets. Photos need to be contained in folders(sets) for them to be uploaded. Folders contained in other folders(sets) will not be uploaded.

1. Left click on photoSync to show the synchronization folder


2. Navigate to the Flickr folder

- Folders in here are Flickr sets
- Put your photos/videos in these sets

3. Drag & drop your folder of photos here

You can also:
- Put photos in these folders
- Rename your folders and photos
- Delete your folders and photos

4. photoSync will handle the rest


3.  Photo properties

1a. Right click on any synchronized photo (or folder)

1b. Select 'properties' from the popup dialog

2. Select the tab with the photoSync icon